Monday, December 7, 2015

The Home Fax™ Excerpt Re-Cap

In case you missed any recent blogs from The Home Fax™, check out these quick excerpts and references. When you're finished, don't forget to cash in on the THANKS50 promotion for 50% off any inspection from Home Fax™ Inspections. Hurry, the promotion ends on 12/30/15 and limited scheduling dates are available!

A quality home inspection reaches beyond the scope of a one-day, one-report consultation. Many home buyers have a quality agent who understands and truly cares for their needs. These buyers are educated and informed along the way, leading them into home ownership with success and confidence.
An industry with relatively no change or adaption requires changing, at least a new perspective or unique way of presenting the information. Inspection companies, such as Home Fax™ Inspections, utilize creative ways to enhance and change the way inspection reports are viewed.
Although buyers are most commonly known for having a home inspection completed, many sellers and agents are starting to see the enormous benefits from Seller’s Inspections and Pre-Listing Inspections. 
Learn how to maximize your investment, sale price, or commission by controlling the inspection process as a buyer, agent, and seller. 
Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays bring families together for many reasons. Use these four holiday safety tips and touch ups for around the home as you prepare for your special get together! 

Next Monday we will review lighting and decoration safety tips for around the home as families tend to complete these festive tasks just before the beginning of Christmas. Until then, always remember to Know the Home Before You Buy™ & 

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