Monday, November 9, 2015

Sellers Inspections: Advantages for Sellers, Agents & Buyers

Although buyers are most commonly known for having a home inspection completed, many sellers and agents are starting to see the enormous benefits from Seller’s Inspections and Pre-Listing Inspections. 

This approach has positive benefits for the seller, buyer, and agent.

  • During a Seller’s Inspection, the inspector works for the seller. 
  • This allows the seller to assist the inspector during the inspection
  • Become aware of any safety issues or defects before a buyer walks away
  • Shop competitive bids to repair any defects (or lighten the effect of a surprise defect)
  • Price the home accordingly (instead of renegotiating the purchase price with inflated demands) &
  • Have corrections made to the report that can be used as a marketing tool for sellers and agents.

Ultimately, buyers may waive their inspection contingency all together, potentially saving sellers tens of thousands of dollars from the purchase price, while increasing the commission amount of the agent and broker.

Check back as next time we’ll discuss how controlling the home inspection process will save you time, money, and hassle.

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