Monday, October 26, 2015

Agents, are your clients getting the most out of their home inspection?

A quality home inspection reaches beyond the scope of a one-day, one-report consultation. Many home buyers have a quality agent who understands and truly cares for their needs. These buyers are educated and informed along the way, leading them into home ownership with success and confidence.

Unfortunately though, some buyers do not come to ever fully understand the purpose of a home inspection, and sometimes not until it’s too late. Often times the lack of understanding is the result of an uninformed viewpoint that the home inspection is ‘just another check in the process.’ 

Every home inspection should be considered an investment into the purchase of a property. Although a meager sum of the typical home price, a quality inspection report serves, among many purposes, as a continuous reference point for the owner, short and long-term.

  • Agents, do your buyers have the chance to sit down and review the inspection report with you? 
  • Do you follow up with the inspector after a buyer has received an inspection?
  • Do you offer the buyer an opportunity to clear any misunderstanding or clarify anything about the home that may be beyond the scope the inspection?
  • Receive critical environmental records that may contribute to their well-being?
  • Home maintenance tips, easy-to-understand graphs or presentations, or even an explanation of the inspector’s role in the home buying process?
The first step in maximizing the learning process for a buyer is having the right inspector. So, are your client’s getting the most out of their home inspections?

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