Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Home Fax™ Real Estate Blog Recap

1. Big Impact Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Learn how to spot and fix potential grading issues around the landscape of your home and see the impact, importance and simplicity of exceptional downspout drainage systems.

2. National & Local Real Estate Market Cycle Factors

Did you know national real estate factors, such as interest rates, and local factors, such as supply and demand, are of top-notch importance to understand when buying or selling a home?

3. Real Estate Strategies by Market Cycle

Learning to apply the correct strategy, or strategies, during any real estate market cycle can help amateurs and rookies make elite decisions that help you profit, even when others may be experiencing a loss. It's all about the strategy!

4. Identifying Target Real Estate Markets, Cycles & Locations

Can you identify the current state of the real estate market cycle and implement the correct strategy to maximize your investment?

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