Monday, February 8, 2016

Sellers Inspections: Benefits & Rewards

Home inspections are most often associated with buyers, but those who choose to have a sellers inspection completed prior to or after listing their home can benefit extraordinarily with their time, purchase price, and stress. 

In short, a sellers inspection is one of the best examples for the cliche saying: "It takes money to make money."

At Home Fax™ Inspections, you always get our 100% satisfaction guarantee, 24 hour report turnaround time, pre and post inspection record checks, innovative and easy to understand reports, as well as supplemental information to help anyone Know the Home Before You Buy™. We adhere to the ASHI Standards of Practice, provide convenient online scheduling and payment tools and are fully licensed, bonded and insured within the State of Michigan.

Here’s how a sellers inspection from Home Fax™ Inspections can help you maximize your sale price as a seller:

  • Schedule the inspection at your convenience and have the ability to assist the inspector during the inspection process, which is otherwise uncommon during a buyer’s inspection.
  • Be alerted to any items of immediate concern ahead of time, instead of during the buy and sell process, lightening last-minute problems and negotiations.
  • Pre-awareness allows you to correct issues beforehand, or price the home at a realistic asking price if problems do exist, helping you save time and money without risking a potential sale.
  • By correcting any issues beforehand, you can review the inspection report prior to being generated and have corrections made, which:
    • Gives you more time to shop competitive bids and make repairs at the most reasonable price, all while eliminating over-inflated buyer estimates or demands.
    • Permits you to attach repair invoices to the report that may eliminate prospective buyer suspicions before they walk away without making an offer. 
    • Helps your home show better and sell at a higher price, especially when no major issues are identified during the inspection process.
    • Ultimately may encourage buyers to waive the inspection contingency all together in your gesture of forthrightness 
No matter your position, there’s no better option than HomeFax™ Inspections! Visit today to schedule your home inspection or check out our nationwide services at

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