Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Problems & Preventative Maintenance: Part 3

Part 3

Welcome back to the winter maintenance and preventative options that help you save you energy, money and time. In case you missed Part 1 or Part 2, check them out and don’t forget to visit and when you’re done.  

Downspout Drainage System

To properly direct melting snow and water away from your foundation and structure, add, fix or replace your downspout drainage system to divert water away from your home. Adding 3’ to 5’ downspout extensions is easy, cost effective, and can have a huge impact on your homes long term condition. Not to mention, as the melting water enters the foundation and freezes, your foundation becomes susceptible to the pressure that the water creates as it freezes. On a similar note, fix any screws or missing fixture pieces as additional pressure is placed on them during the winter as well. 

Turn off Exterior Faucets

No one wants to fix bursting water pipes at any point in time. Turning off your exterior water may seem like common sense, but many people experience bursting pipes from ice expansion and encounter additional unplanned expenses as a result of simply forgetting to handle this task.  Disconnect all garden hoses and drain the excess water remaining in the faucets. If you do not have frost-proof faucets, remember to turn the shut-off valve inside your off home as well. 

Drain Lawn-Irrigation Systems

Many homes have lawn irrigation systems, such as automatic sprinklers that can also freeze, create pressure, and cause leaks, if left un-drained prior to winter. Draining sprinkler-system pipes will help avoid freezing and leaks.  This one may require a professional and a $50-$150 charge, but could also save you thousands in the long-run.  

After completing these tasks on your home, check back on Wednesday for Part 4 of winter maintenance tips and preventative options brought to you by Home Fax Inspections and Nationwide Home Fax.

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